I've personally spent a lot of time on various buses, contemplating which bus I would be if I were a bus.... Unfortunately my curiosity could not be satiated because no one had ever made a way to find out. So I took fate into my own hands and created my own solution that I can share with the world. Now no one will ever wonder in uncertainty what Rutgers bus they would be. They can just take my quiz!

What it does

The app asks you questions about your personality and tells you which Rutgers bus you are.

How I built it

I used XCode and Swift to make this app.

Challenges I ran into

This is the first app I've ever made, so I ran into a lot of issues with the interface builder, making the layouts look consistent throughout different IOS platforms and sizes (iPhones, iPads), I had some basic syntax misunderstandings that I've since learned from (ex. I forgot to add "static" to all my variables and was wondering why they kept resetting to 0 every time the app moved to the next view controller class).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of this accomplishment because it is really the first real app I've made myself without any guidance. I took CS 111 last semester and have been learning swift and Xcode for only about a month now. (I'm an alumnus that graduated last year as a humanities major)

What I learned

Again, I learned some basic syntax stuff (like the difference between Static Var and just Var within a class), as well as how to use constraints and stack views better in XCode.

What's next for Rutgers Bus Quiz: "What Rutgers Bus Are You?"

The next step for this app is to hopefully have it finish being in review at the App Store and put a link of it on the Rutgers Meme page for people to find out what RU bus they are!

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