Training and excercise has always been the shortcut to a happier and healthier life. Running reduces stress and makes endorphins rush through your body in a natural way. It makes you healthier, stronger and happier. So why doesn’t everyone do it?

The problem

The problem with other training applications is that they focus on performance, which make people forget why they do it in the first place. Is it really because they want to show off for friends on facebook?

I think running should be like when you were a kid, when running around and having fun was the same thing and every new step was in a new direction. With this in mind I created Runbit.

My solution

Runbit combines training and play into one by taking you on a journey and challenging you to find new ways to explore.

The application works by distributing several stars on a map of your surroundings and it is then up to you to find the best ways to reach them. This differs from other running apps since it is not about the time or distance. It is about actually enjoying it.

Runbit works for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro athlete, on your very first run or even if you are not able to run at all. It encourages you to take yourself in a new direction, just like when you were a kid. Back when getting exercise was just a pleasant side-effect of having fun.

If I can bring back that feeling to just one person thanks to this application, I couldn’t be prouder.

Runbit is currently available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. It also works with Android Wear so you don’t have to hold your phone to use it. Try it out, and best of luck to you!

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