An increase of popularity in the use of wearable devices in sports in a source of vast information. This information can be manipulated to enhance the athletes' experiences immensely which is our goal.

What it does

Run4YourLife is a two part program:

During a competition:

An ontime prediction of the finish time

After a competition:

  • Identifying performance to identify challenges
  • Find workout buddy for personal goals
  • Predict performance in future competitions

How we built it

We started with throwing different goals and ideas. After choosing a general concept we separated the work so that each of us worked towards a different small goal. This gave us the ability to work simultaneously. Every couple of hours we joined in for a status update to re-evaluate our future steps and to understand what we have already accomplished.

Challenges we ran into

Our greatest challenge was that none of us are UI programmers. This meant that we could not implement our project in a Web or mobile app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Giving ourselves realistic goals with many options to halt before time was good managing on our part. This is the main cause of our finished project.

What we learned

In our field of work (academic research) there is hardly any team work. This experience has taught us some about team work with one another and in general.

What's next for Run4YourLife

We believe that our project is an archetype implementation to personal training based on wearable devices and crowdsourcing.

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