Team title: 1: introduction: Here we will introduce the aim of our project: Human Ed Beginners Rubik’s Cube Solving.

2: reason The reason why we chose this is that because it sounded cool and not unreachable for our skill level

3: work For task 1 we are aiming to convert 2*2 Rubik’s cube printer to a 3*3 one

During the process of soling task 1, we began from trying to understand the original Rubik code and then we constructed axis and used coordinates to solve the problem.

and for task 2 , we’re aiming to use string to print out a cube whose colour matches the string’s character. we firstly aimed to change the string of letters to a list of numbers that we then changed that into a 6x9 array

4: improvement/refection Finally, we try to improve our work by eliminating unnecessary repeated steps. And thinking about the whole hacking time, we also think asking for help asking questions, reviewing our work, cooperation and attempts are of great importance.

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