The United Stated Food and Drug Administration estimates that in 2022, around 30 to 40% of food supply is wasted every day. Meanwhile, it is estimated that between twelve and twenty million people rely on soup kitchens daily as their food source.

Our mission is to eliminate food waste as much as possible, and ultimately end world hunger. We strive to connect restaurants and other food processing facilities with soup kitchens and food relief foundations.

What it does

Rubi is a platform where this can happen seamlessly, allowing complete communication between the excess and the need. If you are a business that handles food, or are a non-profit foundation in need of food supplies, please contact us to register an account today!

How we built it

Rubi is developed using HTML/CSS and JS. We have used Sass for parts of our CSS, jQuery, AOS.JS and Carousel.js for processing and animations, and Bootstrap for our HTML formatting. We also have utilized Google Forms and Spreadsheets to get CSV data on user accounts and reports.

Developed by Abhay Benoy and Royce Sun for MontyHacks V.

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posted an update

Please note that since this website is not being hosted on a dynamic-end server, some features are not fully available. This includes the login system and the live tracking weight counter, which function on a local static level.

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