We noticed a gap in the market that needed to be filled, that is why a team of REALTORs and a couple of handy developers joined together to create the beautiful, feature rich, realtime property management software.

What it does

Makes every aspect of managing your rentals properties easier

How I built it

From original planning phase to the newly released version 4, developers and realtors have worked together to ensure that every feature inside the software is beneficial to a property management company. The software itself is built upon its own "RPM PRO Framework" that allows us to customize each install 100% for each customer, yet allowing us to keep the software up to date using our RPM PRO REST API. We do not use a centralized database unlike other vendors, for full security every client has their own VPS (Virtual private server), IP address and dedicated whitelabel software.

Challenges I ran into

Built initially with PHP5 and using a MySQL5 database we have faced along with many others, the challenge of keeping up to date with coding standards and the depreciation and introduction of new features inside these development languages,** it may be a challenge keeping up, but we rise to it and jump every hurdle we face.**

We feel that our automated API to check and update each individual install from one central has pushed us forward leaps and bounds for efficient updates.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole software

What I learned

That REALTORs are humans too ;-)

What's next for RPM PRO - Rentals Property Management Software

Keep your eyes on our website link

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