Rote (/rōt/ noun 'habitual repetition of something to be learned')

Rote is a smart flashcard application that promises to give you results. Using a space-repetition algorithm by Dr. Piotr Wozniak, Rote rates flashcards based on how well you remember them. The better you know it, the less you repeat it.

The space-repetition algorithm is proven to be effective. Dr. Wozniak used it to teach himself English, and managed to learn over 10,000 words in only a year. He formed a team and came up with ' ': a Windows, Pocket-PC, and Palm OS flashcard-application using said algorithm. Sadly it lacks in implementation, and its full potential is therefore not utilized.

Rote seeks to change that, by taking a variant of the same algorithm and making it available on a portable, familiar device, such as the iPhone. Its simple, yet elegant design invites users to study, and makes it enjoyable rather than like feel like a task.

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