What it does

Rooster Fight Club Is a blockchain game where players can fight against each other in different arenas using NFT Roosters that have different abilities while other players can bet for their favorite roosters to win crypto.

All players in the Club are the absolute owners of their eggs, hens, and rooster fighters, where they will be able to trade, sell and exchange them easily, and above all, safely. In the first phase of RoosterFight.club players can buy first generation eggs that will become NFT Roosters and Hens.

How we built it

Rooster Fight Club uses Solana, a decentralized blockchain with the fastest growing ecosystem and transactions, that provides open and transparent ownership, and a secure marketplace.

We designed a set of mechanics and dynamics around the Rooster fights trying to cover different aspects that will keep the game balanced.

In the technical aspect our contract is on Solana and we have a landing page hosted on azure

Challenges we ran into

  • a change in our paradigm to create products, the blockchain provides a lot of new opportunities that couldn't be translated easily to the traditional way.
  • design an engaging mechanic to engage players and also allowing them to win crypto
  • how to define different mechanics to keep the players engaged.
  • we are new to the Solana dev environment, so it took us a while to understand how to create programs for the blockchain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • we design the whole game system considering all the different kinds of players, all of them can win crypto using different ways to play. by fighting, betting for their favourites roosters and growing chickens
  • even we couldn't complete the full game, we already covered a lot of the main design challenges we faced during the hackathon.
  • we think the game trailer exposes perfectly what is our vision for this game

What we learned

  • a different way to design games for the blockchain

What's next for RoosterFight.Club

This is our roadmap to complete the game as we envisioned it.

  • November 14, 2021: Release of 1000 eggs to sale.
  • 1000 eggs sold (or 1 month later): Hatch event, gender reveal party.
  • 2 weeks later: Roosters Fight running over blockchain.
  • 2 weeks later: Roosters Fight Gambling system.
  • 3 weeks later: Mating proposal system.
  • 2 weeks later: Accessory market place
  • 1 month later: new egg generation release.
  • 1 month later: Tamagotchi game-like system. ( to play different minigames with NFT)
  • Regular releases of new seasons (every 2-3 months), including: new chicken generation, accessories, minigames and fighting tournaments.

White Paper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zwbcTcN-Upaf5vKeis0U-V9LJHWtcKeY_yazPp6TvGE

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