Roometheus, named after Prometheus, the Greek mythology figure who stole fire for mankind, is a web dashboard for roommates. The inspiration comes from wants we've experienced in real life for communicating with roommates. This challenge is for the CoStar - Best Hack for Group Living in 2020. Also the best domain challenge!

What it does

It's a web dashboard for roommates. It has three main features:


  • Draw together in real time.
  • Leave notes, works of art, reminders.

Grocery list:

  • List stuff you need to buy, cross off and remove stuff once it's been bought.

Shared calendar:

  • Embedded Google calendar.
  • Share class schedules, when you'll be out of the apartment, when people are visiting, etc.

How I built it We used Vue.js, Caddy, Docker, docker-compose, Google Calendar, and a few open source projects.

Challenges I ran into

Team members didn't know Vue.js or feature creep caused.

What I learned

A lot about frontend frameworks like Vue.js.

What's next for roometheus

More features! Like rent sharing with Venmo or Zelle integration.

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