I was inspired to create a game cross referencing popular franchises such as Star Wars and Doki Doki Literature Club. A game is nothing without a story and a good plot twist. In this game, you will realize that things are not the way they seem, with the "I am your father" plot twists and the ability for one of the characters to become self aware, and move from the console to an actual UI window.

What it does

Robot Wars: The Last Scientist is an interactive storytelling game where your abilities affect the outcome of the universe. You wake up in the year 2325 when Order 77-The Robotic Takeover has taken place and wiped the ability for humans to do sciences. With the help of your fRIenDLY nEigHBORHOOD help bot, you will fight the 3 evil science bots (Chembot, Biobot, Physbot) by completing science problems of each category and realize that things are not the way they seem...

This game uses both the console and GUI elements to engage players and to make them feel more immersed in the game. When starting the game, users will be tricked into thinking that this is a one dimensional game. As the game progresses, more elements will be shown with GUI, and everything will change...

How we built it

I built this game using Java in the Eclipse IDE. Everything created was from scratch with no external libraries, only GUI related imports. There are four classes that handle the main functions,, which does gameplay and dialogue, and which contains the functions of mini games/boss battles, which handles the ASCII drawings, and which handles the JFrame GUI. Interfaces were designed using Canva.

Challenges we ran into

The majority of the issues rose from image issues both with JFrame and JOptionPane. Since I have never dealt with GUI before, this was difficult for me. Another issue I faced was uploading my project online, I needed help from a family member to upload to github

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a full game with both console and GUI elements. I have never created a full game before.

What we learned

Dealing with a variety of game methods and GUI elements (JFrame and JOptionPane), and how to create a full game.


No actual hacking takes place in the game, it's a funny game mechanic for the laughs/scares.

Built With

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