Hello, AR World!

We introduce our effect with an old rusty flying robot that can collect cubes scattered by user.

What it does

Robot detects if any cubes were displaced and immediately starts collecting them!

To start the effect just tap on any cube to give it an impulse. After you are satisfied with how much mess you have created, tap on the robot to make it collect all the scattered cubes to original places. Sometimes robot gets bored and wants to fly away from us. Tap on it again and it will return to work. Sometimes robot starts to create mess itself. Just wait until it figures its way out or... makes even more funny things!

After the robot brought all of the cubes back on places, it will land and turn off.

How it's made

The engine of the effect is powered by open source cannon.js library. The single script controls the behaviour of the robot, and updates the physical cannon world. Sound effects and animations are made entirely with patches. Artistic effects are the cherry on the cake.

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