Robo Fiesta, the One Stop Party Bot

Inspiration We were inspired by many days wishing we could liven up a room with the touch of a button. It can be difficult to have a source of entertainment that can be guaranteed to be enjoyable for everyone, and we thought it was about time we built a robot that can get any party started.

What it does Bart the Robo Bard, like his human equivalents, wanders around randomly, and then at a random point in time, breaks into song by "singing" from a given song file. Bart can read any song as long as it is given to him in a formatted "music" file, such as the examples included.

How I built it The hardware is a simple chassis with 4 wheels. It is propelled at the rear wheels, which are connected to servo motors. I used a raspberry pi to send instructions to the rover, including instructions on when and how to turn the rover and to "sing". I used a passive buzzer to create the sound output, sending the frequencies of the song's pitches to the buzzer.

Challenges I ran into Initially, I was unable to attach the wheels to the chassis because we had no axles. Eventually, we decided to superglue the wheels to the motors, and this allowed us to move the rover. Also, finding a way to have the rover sing was quite difficult because we only had a buzzer, whose intended purpose is to play a single tone. We had to reject the use of an active buzzer because we were unable to change the pitch of the sound, and eventually were able provide it frequency signals to output the melody. Finally, a big software challenge was understanding how the pulses for the servo motors and buzzer worked, and how to interface that with our hardware.

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