Robert Saunders Teacher - Whenever we start to study history, we look at the events that occurred in the past, the important historical figures, the peoples or civilizations that were important in some remote time, the movements or fashions that marked an era.

History helps us understand the present by studying the past, the importance of history lies in the fact that a people who do not remember their history runs the risk of repeating it. Things today are as they are thanks to past history. It never hurts to know the past of a people or the past of our human race.

It is also of the utmost importance to know world history so that we can teach those who do not know what is happening or has happened in the world. Perhaps in other subjects it is more necessary to go into details and delve into specific knowledge, but in the historical context, it is enough to know a few data to be informed.

Robert Saunders Teacher -History is like an onion. It is convenient to know the external layers that tell us globally about what happened, and as we go deeper and learn more, we peel off the rest of the layers. The story can be known above or in depth.

When learning history, one captures basic concepts and ideas to understand human relationships, how it develops in nature and how humans relate to each other. Just look back and see that the same thing always happens and that history repeats itself. Conflicts are always the same. The oppressed people cannot take it anymore and create a revolution that changes a government, then time passes and history begins again.

We can see what happens in countries at war. Today there are wars as similar as those that occurred thousands of years ago. The causes and the effects are the same. People die for their ideals and to improve their rights, and that has always been the case and will continue to be the case in the future.

By understanding history we can understand what the world is like at this moment. Past events shape today's countries, wars and revolutions have allowed countries to be the way they are today. Even maps change and borders, once impassive, move at a human pace.

Studying history we can understand why Africa is an underdeveloped continent, or why India became independent from England. We can also understand why countries fight for territories, as in the case of Palestine and Israel. All these countries make up our planet today but they have been changing since the beginning of time. The changes are obvious and help us to understand the current position we are in now.

Robert Saunders Teacher -The importance of history lies in the fact that by understanding what happened in the past and the current situation, we can better understand what is to come and understand what we must avoid and what we can improve. Finally, it remains to make a reflection. We may not know much about the story, we don't know the details, but now, we are making history ourselves

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