• realistic rendering

What it does

  • visualizes roads, pavements, road markings, nature (grass) to enable AI models to learn self-driving cars in a virtual environment. The data is given in 2D street data (Open Drive format) and converts it to a nice looking 3D map (See photos).

How we built it

  • converted 2D to 3D coordinates
  • applying height to vertices by using Perlin noise to generate terrain
  • added 3D models and road markings to scene to make it realistic
  • Also added sidewalks and street lights for a better ambient

Challenges we ran into

  • xodr visualizer does only work with English locales
  • rendering textures on 3D objects (we hated Unity for a while)
  • limited power on our laptops

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Having street lamps
  • To accomplish more then we expected to especially in the last 10 hours

What we learned

  • learned a lot about 3D modeling, rendering and texturing
  • learned how to use Unity

What's next for

  • Put in more auto generated stuff like houses along the sidewalk
  • Better Shaders and Textures
  • Improve performance
  • But first of all, have a very very good Sleep!
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