build a network that will allow us to optimally set milestones for any form of athletic traveling (walking, running, and biking)

What it does

the python program takes mtx files and converts it to csv files where gephi can build a visual network

Challenges I ran into

the road networks were stripped of unique identifying data which kept me from developing my software any further. gephi also has issues with data sets that are larger than 256mb in size which requires changing gephi configurations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

convert a mtx file to csv, and build a network that shows the road connections

What I learned

i developed my knowledge of networks further as well as learning how to parse out data from a file and convert it to a format that another software can use.

What's next for RoadMap

get a better road network that contains useful data such as road length, longitude and latitude. once i have a better data set i can find the shortest path for an athlete to go on walks, runs, or biking

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