We were inspired by the Facebook carpool page for college students in Florida. Although the Facebook page was a good idea, it proved to be inconvenient when it came time to actually try to find drivers or riders who are a good match. Facebook's algorithms for which status's appear at the top of the page did not cater to the carpool page's needs, often showing older irrelevant posts first while more recent were pushed to the bottom. Therefore, we decided to create an app so that students could search for specific rides and only see the results relevant to them.

What it does

The app allows for drivers and riders to link up more easily. Drivers are able to put in information such as where they are leaving from, where they are headed, when they are leaving, how many seats they have available, and their prices. Rideea are able to easily find drivers who meet their needs and get them to their destination by inputing information such as their current location, where they are trying to go, and when they are trying to leave.

How I built it

The app was built with HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and Milligram. We deployed it to PhoneGap where it hosted the static files. Additionally, we had a Node JS and MongoDB server running to process things like the login/registration system and posting/finding rides.

What's next for ride

Next for ride would be an in app messaging system instead of users using Facebook to communicate. We would also like to incorporate a payment system within the app so that users can split the gas money and pay each other directly from the app.

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