Are you sure girls can't be nerdy or gamers?

Well, they sure as hell can be killing at both! In fact, girls can build awesome games, as well. I have always loved playing old-school Arcade games and this drew me towards building something similar.

What it does

Retro Crusade is an archive of playable Arcade games like Spaceshooter or Retro Hangman. Say, it's an arcade gaming galleria but on your computer, accessible to you with just a click of your mouse.

The first one is Spaceshooter built using Arcade. It's a fast-paced sidescroller game wherein the player starts on the left, enemies appear on the right. Player can move anywhere, but not off screen. Enemies fly to the left at variable speed. Collisions or player hitting the cross button ends the game.

The second game is Hangman built using Tkinter. It follows any ordinary hangman rules except it's absolutely retro version.

Features missing in the game: Scorekeeping, Extra lives, Boss characters, Hints, Advanced levels, Background music, Multiplayer etc.

The mainscreen is built using Tkinter as well.

How I built it

Built using Tkinter and Arcade

Challenges I ran into

Bugs and errors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successful compilation and execution of the program. Proud of building two games from scratch as well. Let's build like a girl! Let's play like a girl!

What I learned

Learnt deeply about different Python libraries

What's next for Retro Crusade

More new games and new features.

Built With

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