Too often, I would meet potential employers without a resume on hand. This digital solution solves that issue. Also, while at career fairs, it felt a bit silly that we were all printing tons of resumes on expensive paper. This digital solution is quicker, easier, and it saves the trees!

How it works

This app is a mini digital resume with links to relevant information about yourself (Your github/LinkedIn/Email) and the option to share your full resume in PDF form with anyone you'd like (via email, iMessage, airdrop)

Challenges I ran into

I scrapped my first project after the first night. I built this app in about half the total time that the hackathon allowed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This app is completely functional and polished. Design was my critical focus because, well, it's a resume and you'd want it to look nice. I'll be using this app as my resume from now on.

What I learned

A ton about UI/UX design for mobile apps. I gained a deeper understanding of the Swift programming language and Storyboards

What's next for Resume Share

More sharing options such as proximity sharing (perhaps via NFC or MultipeerConnectivity framework), ability to further personalize your mini resume. This app could potentially be adopted by career fairs as an easy way for participants and employers to exchange information in a less chaotic way.

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