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With all the job hunting that is going on today and the need to customize your resume to each position, we wanted to make that process as painless and simple as possible! We wanted job seekers to be able to easily swap in and out their experiences to create the perfect resume for each job without having to rack their brains and go, "what did I do that one time again?"

What it does

Add your experiences just once, and we will keep them stored here! When you need to tailor new resume, just drag and drop from your experience bank and customize the perfect resume. Download when you are ready!

You can also check out our NLP Analysis and Tips pages for additional resources. The NLP Analysis page would allow you to analyze each section of your resume with entity analysis and content categorization, making sure that your resume is having the effect you want it to. The Tips page provides you additional resources on how to up your resume game!

How we built it

Our website is hosted on Google Cloud App Engine with a node.js server. The frontend is made from html/css with icons designed using Adobe XD. The NLP analysis was done using Google's NLP API demo.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting everything to look lined up in the layout like we wanted

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting the split screen on the resume page, with the right side being sticky when scrolling
  • We did this in a weekend!!

What we learned

  • APIs are hard to get right with javascript functions

What's next for

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