I frequently went to restaurants where reservations weren't accepted. I would show up to find that the restaurant was packed and there was a huge wait. So I was thinking about how you could get the amount of people in the restaurant in an app or website. And my immediate realization was crowdsourcing the data like Waze my personal favorite app.

What it does

It can find information about a restaurant that you search and the estimate amount of people in the restaurant using our logarithmic algorithm which bases the estimate off of all previous data.

How we built it

I (Alex Bobroff) did the JS and Ajax, Raphael Gonzales did the UI modifying HTML5up templates, Nameer Hirschkind did all of our backend using Flask and mysql for the database

Challenges we ran into

Our backend end was an incredible challenge. Everything about it. We had to make a database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We our proud of or idea and our UI

What we learned

We learned that assembling all of the different parts to an application is extremely hard.

What's next for Restaurant Finder

We plan on Working on the backend and maybe collecting so data from beta users in order for our logarithmic algorithm to function.

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