Rescue Gear is powerful automated rescue application, it give the chance to all gear users to call for help and use their gear devices as a rescue device.

Many cases attacked people or kidnapped people need just a small chance to call help, but the process is long to call help or use phone very fast.

Rescue Gear, One Go button will do all the following with just one click :

  • Call a number you pre saved in settings it could be 122 or some one you trust, no need to get your phone in-front of attacker.

  • Will send automated Locations SMSs to person your hero number & tell them you are in danger with a google map link of your location.

  • Will repeat sending updated SMS with your link location each period you choose in settings.

  • You can configure how many SMSs to be sent and the time between each SMS.

our Application is the new Evolution of using Mobile Device as a protecting device... so Enjoy It.

Steps of using :

  • after install application it will open settings screen on the phone.
  • Enter the Emergency Number you trust to call in emergency cases ... i.e 122.
  • Enable or Disable sending Location SMSs & configure sms limit / time between each sms.(how many sms can be sent / time between each sms).
  • Press back button then you are now protected.
  • if you open Rescue Gear on samsung gear watch any time, just click go and it get help for you.
  • if you would like to change settings any time, click the small button on the application on gear it will popup the settings in the phone.

Enjoy & live safe..

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