World population is growing and each person adds waste to the planet over his/her lifetime. It is important to recycle that waste whenever possible into the original form of the matter so it can be reused, also it helps to eliminates pollution on our planet.

Individuals, governing bodies and companies can take pride in minimizing their waste as they are helping to reduce global environmental damage and making this Earth a better place on which we live. It is a direct contribution that every one can take price in.

My croudsourcing app is a step forward to insure that residential and commercial buildings in RENO have those bins and containers to collect waste for further recycling.

The idea also been discussed by the gov. hackers of Chicago, and so I decided to start implementing it with the skill set I have here in Reno (thanks for inviting me!).

I do see multiple ways for expanding the app including the following:

  • Would be good to have a mobile version;
  • Can be part of the City’s Web site;
  • SQL data can be used internally by the city for reporting purpose or visualization; also new form can be put on top of it to manage distribution of the bins/containers.

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