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Remindy Is mobile app that will help you schedule reminders for other people by triggering an SMS message just before your meeting is about to happen, This is especially useful with friends, family or even coworkers who always keep forgetting about your meetings.

The reminder contains a link for a map with the directions towards the meeting location as well as real-time monitoring of all attendees dashing towards the gathering point.

Tools I used:

  • Stitch browser sdk to securely read and store data directly from the client application without the need to implement an auth server, we leverage the stitch UI to configure fine-grained security rules.
  • Database triggers to execute functions for scheduling SMS reminders a database insert.
  • HTTP service to interface with third party Google Calendar API Scheduler and Twilio service for sending SMS messages.

How I built it :

I used React framework to build the UI and stitch browser sdk for the data layer, it was very easy to build since I didn't have to setup any REST API nor managing any backend instances, Security is easily configured via Stitch dashboard and automatic scaling is handled by default.

Challenges I came across :

When using cloud functions I was limited to use either HTTP, Twilio or AWS services ... It would be great if Stitch offer the ability use npm modules directly inside the cloud function and therefore leverage the huge ecosystem of node libraries to build all sort of business logic.

What I learned

I learned a lot about the pattern of event driven compute, triggers and on-demand functions, also editing videos, designing app assets and logo.

What's next for Remindy

Remindy is currently a progressive web app that can be added to home screen via mobile browsers. I hope I can get people to work on this project and deploy a native mobile version for both IOS, if you are interested please contact me at :

Built With

  • google-cloudd-scheduler
  • google-oauth2
  • react
  • stitch-browser-sdk
  • stitch-cloud-functions
  • twilio
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