Don't miss out on that mouthwatering restaurant you visited last time, or all those beautiful sights you'd love to show your kids, just because you can't remember they are. With Reloc you're always just one tap away!

Reloc lets you store your current location as a point on a map (yeah that's right, no inaccurate addresses, confusing pictures, or page-long descriptions). And in addition to that, you can even categorize them so you get all your points of interests in one area in one dynamic map at the same time. That means you can go from place to place, even add new locations as you go along.

Simplicity and user friendliness were the two most important aspects in the development of this app. And because of that it won't take more than a couple of seconds to fire up the app, fill out the auto-completing textfield (that learns your categories so you don't have to type them up next time), and press save!

When you want to see your locations again, you simply open up one of the categories and all the annotations are placed out on the map along with your own comments.

Another thing to notice is that there is no wrong way to use this app. There are no excessive amounts of buttons or customization, and because of that, everything just works. You can open a category named 'Boston Commons', and continue to add poi's for 'Boston Newbury' - the app automatically notices that you switched category and updates the view and information accordingly.

I came up with this idea after I went to France without my family this summer - there were so many places I really wanted to show them, but sadly when I finally took them there, I had forgot all the addresses. And only two weeks ago I went on a 3h long walk around Boston and found all of these amazing places I want to visit at some point. Sadly, I can hardly remember any of them now.

I did not have time to complete the in-app tutorial, integrate it with Cloud services, or social networks. This is something I'm thinking about doing after the hackathon. Until then, here are the instructions:

The '+'-sign in the upper right corner adds an annotation at your current location. You are prompted to enter a category (for example Philly), and a more detail specific title (such as Upenn). After doing this you have created a new category named 'Philly', and you can find it by tapping the 'menu'-icon in the upper left corner. Every time you enter 'Philly' as category for a new location, this item will be added to the collection and also displayed simultaneously when you open the category.

If you'd like to delete an annotation, simply tap it (to open the detail-specific title), and then press the 'x'-icon that appeared in the lower right corner. If you delete all items in one category, also the category will be deleted.

I've spent a lot of time with the details in this app, making it flow better and be as minimalistic yet as usable as possible. Consider taking it for a spin, you'd be surprised.

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