We believe there is good in all of us but we lack mechanisms and conduits to provide/extend support in real-time to people as events unfold.

We The People are here to help The People using whatever resources The People have. No Red Cross, No waiting on governments to respond or wasting time in policy making. JUST ACT NOW.

What it does

Instantaneously connects refugees or people in crisis with people who can provide shelter, food, financial assistance and medical services. The service works even in 2G areas.

How we built it

Requestors send text asking for assistance via text which is then parsed and matched with users who can help. Uses Twilio, Geolocation and Braintree services

Challenges we ran into

  1. Current skills vs needed skills
  2. Team co-ordination

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Team stuck together in spite of major hurdles
  2. Learned new skills on the fly (Special thanks to ESRI/Nicholas Furness in teaching few tricks to a non-coder and MapQuest/Thomas for the same)
  3. Gave it our best shot

What we learned

Team > Idea > Single hero member

What's next for Refugee Help

We will regroup and reconnect to polish the service and re-release...maybe apply to YC W2017 batch.

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