JIRA Service Desk is an exceptional ITSM tool, however one limitation is the difficulty in customizing customer portals. We decided to remove this limitation by making customer portals easily customizable.

Given the increasing demand for Cloud services, we want to be ahead of the game and provide high quality Cloud products for Atlassian users.

What it does

RefinedTheme for JIRA Service Desk improves the user interface of JIRA Service Desk by providing a customized (and themed) customer portal, rich content structure and simple navigation.

The themed customer portal is accessible through our service: . Agents are still using the regular JIRA Service Desk UI in the Atlassian Cloud.

Our service is using the REST API of the Atlassian Cloud to create and interact with service desk data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our add-on is unique in that is interacts with our service ( and doesn’t live within an iframe. This makes for an overall solid UX environment.

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