With Corona Virus a major issue in today's society, we thought we could relate COVID-19 with an environmental problem. Because many major restaurants and businesses are closed, and people are secluded inside their homes, food waste has shot up. Farms have nothing to do with their crops, and restaurants have nothing to do with their pre-ordered food. Our plan was to link people buying food to people selling food, to reduce the amount of food waste during this crisis, and after. We would identify where they live, what they want to sell, and help them contact people in their community who wanted to purchase what the user had to offer.

What it does

Because this was our first time creating a website, not mention our first time exposed to this new code, we were not able to accomplish our goal. However, we were able to connect people with links and redirect them to a place where they are able to buy/sell their food on their own. When you click if you are buying or selling, you click submit so it redirects you to a different link.

How I built it

We built our website on, and used javascript, CSS, and HTML to design our website. We started brainstorming how we could connect users to each other, but our lack of knowledge in databases, and user storage as well, did not allow us to do that. We then wanted to help users, so we collaborated and thought we could just redirect them to a different site, and they could do it on their own.

Challenges I ran into

While trying to identify user's inputs, we had trouble storing their inputs into variables we could use later. It was also difficult trying to make the entire website aesthetically pleasing, and making major changes to it, without ruining things like the tables, dropdown boxes, and input boxes we made before. It was also hard to work fast, and frustrating to not do what we wanted to do, as we were learning about HTML and website design on the go.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am extremely proud of all of us for learning these new languages and putting together a final project that we were somewhat satisfied with. Before the hackathon, I had no expectations and would've had no clue we could design an entire website on our own. I'm incredibly satisfied with all of our hard work to put together a website, and thankful for the presentations that helped get us started in our website designing process.

What I learned

We all learned new languages, and how to build a website. We will definitely be using our knowledge to make more in the future, whether it is personal websites or more user-friendly websites like the one we made this weekend.

What's next for Reducing Food Waste Website

We plan to learn more about databases and HTML, so we can eventually get users to connect to each other, and help reduce food waste. We will surely be working on this website after this, as there is an immense amount of coding knowledge we did not get to. When we expand our knowledge, we will expand our website, and help make it useable for two or more users to connect to each other.

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