Interest in cutting edge technologies and trends in AI field.

What it does

Provides abstract summaries of news articles to the user via web application

How I built it

5 team members: UI designer, 2 full-stack developers, 2 ML/AI engineers. Project consists of: backeand, frontend, neural network and Watson API. Backend utilises python model to get summaries from news articles and saves it into database. As a user interface we used web application. Also backend uses python script which uses IBM Watson API for NLP analysis.

Challenges I ran into

Fire alarm, starving, lack of sleep

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implemented all planned features of the project, learnt a lot of new technologies

What I learned

RNN sequence to sequence framework, Watson API, practised with developing web application, working in strict time constrains.

What's next for RED Grenade

Dive deeaper into NLP and AI, build and train neural networks

Built With

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