Just one piece of trash can ruin a batch of recycled products...

Ever look at those people down the street just throwin' their garbage in whatever can is most convenient? Our app, Recycle Doctor, makes it harder to be a bad person! It will make it easier to put your stuff in the right garbage containers!

How to use

1) Open the app.

2) Aim your camera at a possession that you would like to un-possess.

3) Press the button at the bottom.

4) Read the message that is written.

How do we do it? Our recipe

2 teaspoons of Silicon Valley buzzwords like AI, ML, and Computer Vision

A pinch of Google Cloud API

1 cup of code

Some sugar

...Creates the hottest Android app for people who may not care or think enough to recycle!

Applications and More Information

Add one to every trash can! Hold your stuff under the camera and the Google Cloud Gods will pass judgment on its fate...does it belong in compost heaven? Or landfill purgatory? Who knows???

Wanna educate yourself on what belongs where? Or wonder if your friends belong in the compost? Have some good ol' recreational fun by taking photos of everything and marveling at the outcome.

Lost all faith in humanity? Add a conveyor belt and some hardware to our app and a robotic arm will take pictures and sort the trash for you!

Give it to Android users in Third-World Countries! Or maybe even give it to people in First-World Countries! Lots of people don't know how to recycle and this app will help them learn.

Great for:

Saving energy and calories when trying to figure out where to put your garbage

Another excuse to pull out your cell phone

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