Real Road Racing is a fast, furious and fun game that lets you race virtual cars on real roads.

• Google Maps Racing Game • Race virtual cars on Real Roads • Global Featured Routes • User Created Routes • Local neighbourhood roads • Varied Levels of Challenge • Play anywhere with internet connection • Gamers of all ages and skill • No similar game in App stores

The road racing scene has taken off across the world especially the USA, Middle East and East Asia with the contests primarily informal affairs. Drivers pull up next to each other, roll down the windows and nod their heads to mark the start then racers zoom down road side-by-side at speeds approaching 150 miles per hour.

The races are mainly about reputation and machismo, but bets are another draw. As long as there have been hot cars and young people, there's been road racing. With daredevil drivers, ever-faster cars and no official rules or safety checks, road racing has evolved into an extremely dangerous pastime.

Real Road Racing lets you have the fun without the real danger.

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