Inspiration in perfect healthy maintian in checking by examination by doctor. The procedure in examine perform in the principle; step by step. In bester more cast the treatment by owner carry in guarantee by professional doctor advice or suggetion.

What it does, multimodal treatment innovate in modern science of theory . Creative establish this objective by formulating special equipment of treatment.

How I built it, in electronic designer permit in new innovation, i convine in medical profession. Annoucement in sucessfulness present in this discovery. Three thing became only one. Treatment for anybody, anywhere, and any stronge body.

Challenges I ran into Multimodal from Devpost,com, this golden opprotunity of competition manage in added value by Readiness tour Siam. The goal of this story inform in confidence. Potential success in it whenever the committee accept in this conception.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of treatment in medical profession. Management in new product present by Readiness Tour Siam.

What I learned in the goal of Devpost, the objective focus or concentrate in the challenge. Preparation in infoormation and data collect in step of traget until ipresent in Readiness Tour Siam

What's next for Readiness Tour Siam imply in committee of Devpost whether I can present in what title demonstrate; I can do, you can post.

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