Readdit is handless navigation on the Pebble. It’s as intuitive as pinch to zoom but nobody has done it.

Imagine you’re on the subway with one hand firmly gripping onto a cup of coffee. You can not access the Pebble on your other hand without pressing the scroll buttons. With Readdit, you just twist your fist to scroll up and down. Handless.

We figured a common use of Readdit would be to read the news. To demonstrate the simple power of our application, we made a news reading application. The app uses the Reddit API to communicate with the watch which can display headlines that can be opened on the user’s phone.

This is a great product as it adds immensely to the intuitive nature of the Pebble. For now, due to the firmware on the Pebble, Readdit can only work with our news-reading app but it isn’t difficult to imagine an SDK for any developer to use Readdit.

Life’s already complicated, your watch doesn’t have to be.

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