Co-operative living space is not just a home. It's place where you can share your life experience with your living collaborators. Since we all human beings are living in collaborative society, how anything can be good without share? without share, how happiness and joy can be true? without happiness and joy, what would be the motivation? without motivation, how anyone can be creative? without creativity, what would be San Francisco Bay Area?

Project RE:LIVING has been launched to make co-operative living space more coherent and to provide sustainable availability of housing situation in San Francisco Bay Area. On top of that, to make positive impact on surrounding cities and around the world.

How it works

This app helps you to connect co-living community around San Francisco Bay Area. You can find interesting co-ops that fits in your lifestyle and apply it, pay a rent, share your experience and activities with your living collaborators(housemates) and neighbors. Or you can just be part of local co-op as a good neighbor by collaborating their activities. You can build reputation from what you done in this web app. Your reputation let you allow do more stuff in our web app like create groups, host events, write review etc..

Challenges I ran into

My challenges is to make this happens is recruiting teammate who good at Ruby on Rails development, copy writing, front-end development with Foundation-rails, and make sustainability for the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for RE:LIVING

Functional beta version launch.


This project belongs to HUGE HOOD LLC. Teammates will have right to claim their share for prize from hackathon they attended as a member of RE: LIVING project and worked with RE: LIVING team.

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