Inspiration: We are very excited to be part of the team who built this App for our upcoming mankind history multi billion dollar E-commerce Industry What it does: This is a Payment Platform that supports sending and transferring of payments. This application uses Rapyd payment APIs to handle payments of the user. Below is the details and working explanation of RapydPay web-App step-by-step. Create Wallet Feature: User can fill up their credentials and create wallet which generates a unique wallet ID. All the Wallet Details with the unique wallet ID shows up in the wallet Section. Money Transactions can be done between wallets with Sender's WalletID , Amount (in USD) and Recievers WalletID. The total balance of both the wallets gets updated after successfull Transaction between wallets.

Accesing Transactions of a Wallet: Transactions of a particular wallet can be viewed by clicking on the view transaction button on each wallet card. Transaction detail conatains the transaction ID , Amount Debited/credited, Date and wallet id of the wallet to which the amount is paid or recieved. If the amount is credited to the wallet it shows in green and if the amount is debited it shows in Red. Important Points To remember for creating wallet You can create only one wallet with single Email-ID or Phone Number. The number should be in E.164 format (Ex- +918247564782) Creating customer with a wallet : Customer can be created for each wallet with a default Visa card number and details of the customer. Customer Section will contain the information of all the customers. Each customer will have their own customeID and walletd id associated with it. Important Points To remember for creating customer You can create only one customer using one wallet but you can fund multiple wallets using a single customer. 4 . Accessing payments of a Customer: Customers can pay to any wallets and the amount will be debited from the associated default visa card of the customer from which it was initially created. The amount paid by the customer is added to the wallet and the balance gets updated in the total balance of the ewallet. The payment details of a particular customer conatains the Payment Id and the wallet id to which the amount was paid. If the amount is paid from the customers associated wallet it shows up in green and if it is paid to another wallet it shows in green.

5 . Checkout [Products can be buyed from the products section using rapyd hosted checkout ]

How we built it: Using rapyd Api and used also Open AI API Challenges we ran into: faced some difficulty to while updating api in continue process and difficult to figure out how to build such big idea solution. Accomplishments that we're proud of: Fully unique and innovative features with responsive and fully dynamic Rapydpay Web-APP What we learned: How to think in innovative perspective and imagination to fulfill such type of task, or work completion What's next for RapydPay: Add some more features and develop backend to run end-to-end in online server.

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