RADS Atlas is part of a suite of next-gen real estate software products designed for Investors and Brokers.

The easy to use interface allows analysts and non-techies to quickly build maps as an extension of your research and due diligence process, without requiring a masters degree in Cartography.

Atlas can load remote web data allowing clean integration with existing systems. Quickly import csv files or data fetched via web API's.

Create visually remarkable maps that aid decision making. Build reference maps, amenity maps, proximity maps, portfolio maps, only limited by your imagination. Brokers can sell and market properties easier by showing clients listings in the context of their environment.

RADS Atlas is available as an affordable hosted cloud solution and is suitable for small and large investors, investment groups, funds, lenders, insurers and brokers.

Now you can have your very own map server!

Rads Atlas: Your next profitable venture.

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