Internet videos and lifetime passion to fly and be in the air.

What it does

Four motor flying machine. It flies. Smoothly.

How I built it

8 hours of work, 6 hours of tuning, and a lot of Google.

Challenges I ran into

Soldering is really hot. Burning yourself is never fun.

Also, motor direction and prop direction are very important things when the torque of the motors are what keeps the copter in the air in the first place.

What I learned

Where propellers go, and how important rotational torque is. Turns out, that the direction of propellers and the direction of motors is actually important to be in the air, who knew?

What's next for Racing 250mm Quadcopter

Further tuning, more powerful motors.

Built With

  • brushless-motors
  • escs
  • flight-controller
  • soldering
  • tri-blade-propellors
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