Honestly, we highly inspired by our new generation, they really want some stuff like this. they want stuff that gives all the people some inspired so we will decide that we make an application that gives all the people some stuff like inspired but that will also for the writer if anyone has writing skills then they also show their writing skills in that place.

What it does

that can create quotes in your way. write quotes with author name. in this app there are many filters are available to make the quote more beautiful.

How I built it

we are using angular js, android, iPhone and many more to create this app.

Challenges I ran into

when we create this app we face many of the errors and warnings. but when we face this type of errors we work very hard on these errors and try to remove all these errors.

What I learned

we learned that when we create any of the Application there were always errors are come out, but we have learned from those errors and try hard solve these errors in less time.

What's next for Quote Maker

in Quote Maker we can add more filter and more new features So that you can make more stunning quotes.

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