While trying to learn quantum computing ourselves, we discovered that most of the content is too difficult to understand for those who have never gone through introduction to quantum mechanics.

What it does

Our interactive web-application teaches basic concepts of classical and quantum computing without using jargons from quantum mechanics.

How I built it

Using ReactJS web-framework and Bootstrap templates, we develop a single page tutorial on classical and quantum logic gates

Challenges I ran into

How to teach a difficult concept, for example, what is a qubit? and how is it used in quantum computing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of building an interactive web-application with minimal use of jargons from quantum mechanics.

What I learned

Quantum logic gates, adder circuits using qubits and developing a web-application using ReactJS.

What's next for QuMystery

We plan to add interactive tutorials for intermediate and advanced audience who have prior knowledge of complex numbers, vectors and matrix operations

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