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What is Quink?

Quink is a free browser extension for Chrome and Safari that lets you read and share links faster - without leaving the page you’re on. When you hold your mouse over any link on any webpage, the extension displays a short (one to three sentence) summary of the linked page/article using clipped.me, a natural language processing API. For links where a summary is not available, like videos or images, the Quink pop-up lets you easily share the link on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. It allows for a truly integrated browsing experience with quick social features.

Quink in action:

Quink in action, on the Washington Post.


Easier and simpler is better. Period. I'm sure many are familiar with Reddit Enhancement Suite, the popular browser extension that transforms the Reddit experience by letting users read posts and look at pictures inline. Quink will enhance the internet for anyone and everyone. It's like RES for the entire web - it puts relevant data where it's most useful. More images below.

Product Hunt Enhancement Suite? Quink does it:

Product Hunt Enhancement Suite? Quink does it.

No summary? No problem.

No summary? No problem.

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