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People rely too much on phones for sports information, so now the sports stats will be bundled together in one package on an Alexa Skill.

What it does

This Quick Sports Alexa Skill demonstrates quick sports facts to your desire at various intervals. The facts will soon span from pro sports to minor leagues and players, but now I have started out small with a couple of facts.

How I built it

This APL-based skill incorporates visuals which will open your eyes to sports in a novel way. I learned from the Alexa APL documentations and found out that I can position various images on a canvas, so I did just that. It is newly created and created with my customization of sports videos. As well as altering the image dimensions to fit the Echo Dot, for example, I added actual sports plays .jpg links instead of cartoon images and I created a background for the visual skill.

Challenges I ran into

I attempted to import video files and loop them instead of images, but at the time of building, APL didn't support video integration.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was happy that at least image file links worked and was in high definition for the users to enjoy. I made sure the skill was not boring to look at with a cool background, too.

What I learned

There are more components of the APL docs I didn't read, so I just now learned how to change font and bold the text.

What's next for Quick Sports APL Alexa Skill

As soon as I learn how to put in classic sports clips/videos, I will also add sound and famous and historical sports commentary.

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