Name: Zaquariah Holland Discord: Zaqttack #0505


Amidst this current time of quarantine/self-isolation, lots of the general public are turning to online sources for outside contact.

What it does

This would be used for those willing to give out materials to those in need and allow those looking for these materials to reach out and ask for these items.

How I built it

Watched many videos on basic web development to ensure an easy UI experience.

Challenges I ran into

Learning javascript and half my team going to sleep haha

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

creating a navigatable web page that is full of simplistic information and color palette.

What I learned

More in-depth information about the attributes used in tags. And how important .css is to make the UI experience enjoyable

What's next for quaranteam

construct more javascript to make the site run correctly. Possibly leading to more development in my spare time!

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