As a newbee in Quantum Computing , we have always felt the need of a more enjoyable and interactive platform where we can learn the fundamentals of QC in a fun way. So when we started thinking about what can we do to make learning enjoyable and build up natural intuition for the basic things at the same time, the first word came in our mind is "Game!" . So we built a quantum game which builds natural intuition in the users about the fundamentals like- gates, Bloch sphere and rotations.

What it does

Our game asks the player to determine the co-ordinates of a qubit in a Bloch sphere for a given Quantum Circuit.

How we built it

As we don't have any professional game developing skills, we made our code using Qiskit and IBM Quantum Experience.

Challenges we ran into

As qiskit is a relatively new language, at first we faced some difficulties understanding it. And we faced a little difficulty in synchronizing the co-ordinates with the circuit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is the first time we worked on a team and accomplished something. We had a great fun and we are proud of that experience.

What we learned

Practically we learned a lot. Before this, we had a little experience with the coding language. We learnt more deeply about the quantum gates, rotations, qiskit and data visualization.

What's next for Qmunity Quantum Bloch

For the lack of time, we couldn't build it much further than a primitive stage. But we are happy with how it turned out. So we intend to develop it much further to turn it into a complete package which will serve as a wise friend to the learners and will help all the users by clarifying their doubts.

Built With

  • qiskit
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