We were inspired by our desire to help small businesses to evolve during the covid-19 crisis

What it does

Q IT or “Queue IT” is a third party company affiliated with all small businesses of the Bahamas. We are a private- public partnership program with the Ministry of Finance; where small businesses can register on our platform through the Ministry of Finance. Q IT works by allowing small businesses of the Bahamas to create a business profile on our website, which will be displayed to any customer that enters our site. With this system customers can explore the various small businesses in the Bahamas and see the type of businesses they are. This gives them the exposure and publicity they need in order to obtain revenue and secure customers. The next feature of Q IT is the reservation system. Once a company has completed their business profile, they can create a list of reservation time slots for customers to come in their establishments and make purchases. Through Q IT’s reservation system, businesses can control the amount people in their store, manage proper social distancing, and advance the way your business is ran. For the customers, no more waiting in long lines, no more slow services, and no more worrying about the lack of security in online shopping. Also, since Q IT is partnered with the government, they too will be able to see who enters the store at what time. With this built in system, the government can now have an effective way to contact trace persons. in small establishments.

How we built it

We built the application locally using HTML CSS ad Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

We initially planned to include much more to our video submission however our files were taking to long to upload to google drive so that they could be sent and edited. We instead had to improvise a solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we made such an amazing web page in such a short amount of time and that we came up with a great plan by working together.

What we learned

We learned to always have a back up plan and always communicate with your team members.

What's next for Q-it

We hope to first partner with the government then to expand the site and encourage more small businesses to use it and reap its many benefits.

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