Inspiration Useful for everyone. I saw the fitting through downloaded apps. I wanted something like this. But it's easier.

What it does Allows you to put shoes on yourself, on the second person (child, girlfriend). The most realistic textures copied from real shoes. Short production times.

How I built it I took a picture of the Shoe with 360. Make a video. Processed in After Effects to work in photogrammetry. Then I put together a 3d model. Redid the UV map in Modo 3d. And reduced the weight in the Blender. I put it in AR Spark. Added the ability to rotate and zoom. and changes in position from eye level and below to the floor.

Challenges I ran into I could only make realistic textures using photogrammetry. This is a program for architects who rent historical buildings. This is not an ordinary 3D modeling program. I used an unusual move.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of This is my pride I made the first such fitting in the world. No app, just an AR filter in instagram.

What I learned Photogrammetry programs. I didn't know them before. But I was given the task of being realistic. And I went a new way.

What's next for Put on shoe/ AR_Fitting without app I make put on clothes. And start collaborating with fashion designers.

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posted an update

I saw new opportunities. This is a virtual showcase for home appliances, clothing, sculpture, books, accessories, children's toys, and more. Everything will be realistic due to realistic textures. There is a desire to consider from all sides, the image is not enough. Therefore, my idea has a great future! There will be a lot of AR storefronts soon!

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