The Inspiration Behind It

Science and technology is making extraordinary strides in reacting to the planet's resource problems. Two scientists in our company have developed an air-to-water-generation, or AWG process, that is superior to any known product. Our PureWater 16 produces pure potable water on demand. The system is part of the Internet-of-Things, and can be controlled or monitored via online apps. Imagine, generating water at home from your mobile phone!

How it works

We have a patented two-stage technology that produces pure potable water fast and efficiently, even under arid conditions. Here are a few key points about PureWater 16: • Produces 16 liters of pure potable water every day (hourly production varies between 1.1 to 1.4 liter/hr) • Low-cost of water supply at $0.15/gal. This is 10X cheaper than bottled water, which costs over $1.50 per gallon. • Machine efficiency: 1.5 kWh/gal (still being refined). • Lower operating costs with 40% lower energy consumption per unit of water produced, over competing machines. Our dual pass technology enhances the concentration of water in stream to be processed through standard AWG VCC technology by ~ 40%. • Ability to function efficiently even in much lower relative humidity (RH of as low as 15%) than conventional AWGs, thereby improving usability in more arid geographies • Compact and portable machine size, with ability to split extraction unit to be placed outside the building. • Uses smart and learning technology that will understand the water consumption profile of users and ensure water is available at all times. • Capable of getting powered by renewable sources of electricity (for e.g. solar) • Smart controls allows machine to produce water at times when humidity levels (achieved through connecting with local weather station) are highest and electricity cost is lowest. We envision, our smart controls which at present provide for Internet interaction with our machine can in the future be controlled and monitored via smart phone applications, and/or used in conjunction with NEST, the home temperature and environment control system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our companies scientists are exceptionally talented engineers. One has a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford, the other has a PhD in chemical engineering from MIT.

What I learned

Monitoring and controlling the PureWater 16 via smart phone applications makes our machine efficient, flexible and user friendly. It also allows us to study user patterns and get insights into water conservation in addition to water production. A simple app and a smart phone is all you need!

What's next for PureWater 16

The PureWater 16 machine is going into production in early fall. We will be distributing our PureWater 16 via multiple channels to California's residents, small businesses, and light agricultural/industrial users.

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