In the world of advanced technology now various types of technology have been created to facilitate the daily activities of man. As well as in agricultural technology, a variety of tools that have been created to help farmers make their agricultural activities and get a good crop. To get a good crop, one of the important things that should be there is land that has adequate fertilizer. Adequate fertilizer can help plants produce good yields and quantities, to meet the needs of a world that is increasingly rising in need of food and food production. To improve the quality and quantity of crops, every country must contain sufficient nutrients, which consists of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K).

Soil is for the farmer what the pulse is for the doctor. It helps them make decisions about when to irrigate, when and what to sow, use nutrients, and so on. While some farmers have indigenous knowledge of detecting soil moisture and health, such knowledge is confined to only a few. Taking farming decisions on the basis of soil moisture and health has become even more difficult in the age of climate change.

What it does

To create a device which would help our farmers and agronomist to have real-time and round the clock analysis of nutrient (Macro-nutrient i.e. Nitrogen(N), Phosphorous(P), Potassium(K)) composition and some parameters such as soil pH, Temperature, Salinity, and Moisture status in the soil with an apt suggestion about the crop that the soil is best suited for. And, also analyze the ambient temperature and humidity for better health of crops. We have created the most comprehensive soil probe measuring everything from NPK to other soil parameters and microclimate, all season long. Sensors are located at depth reporting on real-time soil conditions throughout the day and the collected data is sent to the cloud via either cellular or a standard internet connection which can be securely accessed on any cellular device or desktop computer. The system utilizes a Microcontroller for data acquisition therefore the output from the transducer is converted into a digital display reading and it involves the concept of IoT as a webpage is included in it for review and analysis of all the data collected by the farmer, in both Hindi and English with some suggestions. Also, all data read on mobile through GSM or mobile app.

We are looking for solution to estimate soil fertility status on real time basis and to give advisory on fertilizer and compost usage. This will help in better planning for fertilizer application in crops and maintain soil fertility status. The solution is expected to provide help to farmer for getting soil fertility status on real time basis, when needed. This can include actual value of different parameters' estimating soil fertility and overall status.  provide advisory on fertilizer and composit usage to farmer, periodically. This should be based on soil fertility status.

How I built it

I have created the most comprehensive soil device which measuring everything from NPK to other soil parameters and microclimate, all season long. Here the optical detection method based on the absorption principle is implemented in this study due to the optical characteristics own by NPK soil(by a self-designed sensor). The method of detection does not need any additional component therefore it is considered as a direct detection method. RGB LED is utilized as the light source as the soil interacts by absorbing the light. The remaining light is detected and the absorption rate is evaluated using a photoresistor(LDR) that has the capability of converting the light into current. The output from the photoresistor is manipulated using NodeMCU which displays the level of each on an LCD screen as a result. Microclimate (Ambient temperature and humidity) is measured by DHT11. The soil moisture & the soil PH is measured with the help of the conducting probes sensor and soil temperature determine by the Ds18b20 sensor. A rain sensor is one kind of switching device which is used to detect rainfall. And, with the help of a salinity sensor, we can measure salinity in the soil. Our dashboard features data analytics and customized recommendations(in both Hindi and English language), giving farmers the info they need, when they need it, with mobile alerts. This will be done by Node MCU. Also, data display over LCD and get on mobile through GSM or an app.

Challenges I ran into

Limited Hardware, unavailability of labs for testing, paid video editors, etc

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working, portable device with real-time data functioning backend servers for data management easy to use app which can present real-time data to the user over the app and webpage.

And whole hardware setup cost around 54 USD including all taxes (and which is useful in many ways)

What I learned

Make an app through the MIT App Inventor. Also, learn to build a website in the basic part.

What's next for Punyabhu

We are planning to add more parameters to soil health cards such as Conductivity and Weather Prediction which helps farmers to maximize production. "Our vision is to create easily accessible and affordable smart Agritech solutions for specialized agriculture".

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