We wanted to allow people to be able to use social media as a mirror, to see what ideas they reflect

What it does

It takes your twitter feed, then calculates your happiness/positivity levels based off your past 200 tweets

How we built it

We deployed our Node.js application on the Microsoft Azure Server. Then we used twitter authentication APIs to access a users tweets, retrieving the first 200 tweets. Then using Microsoft Cognition Services APIs, we performed a sentiment analysis on the tweets and calculated your feed's average happiness level.

Challenges we ran into

Deploying our web application on a server proved to be incredibly difficult. We struggled for all of Friday before manging to accomplish the task on Saturday morning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was our first time creating a full-stack web application from scratch, something that proved to be a very tough, but very valuable experience

What we learned

Working as paired programmers was an important part of our project and it really helped us learn how to keep calm and positive towards each other, even under great pressure.

What's next for Prspectiive

We want to integrate more advanced features like topic analysis, so a user can see what kind of topics make up their feed. In addition, we want to implement a tracking feature, so users can see how their topics and sentiment changed over time. Finally we want to actually focus on the aesthetics and user experience of the site, so users can make the most of their prspectiive experience.

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