We all know, Everyone in this world has one or other problem in their life, and sometimes some problem brings disaster in people's life.

People do not share much of their problem with other people,

  • Assuming how would people judge them afterwards or
  • Sometime, they feel shy about sharing their problem,
  • Sometime, they don't find right person to share their problem who can understand their feeling,
  • There are certain situation, where people have shared their problem and has back fired them more.

Reasons are countless, why problem is still a problem in people's life and it just never ends.

There is enough of stories from life issues, business problem, help beyond own skills, suicide, depression, failure, parenting issues, teenage issues, relationship problem, unemployment to bully or sometimes even getting dominated by bad people in school, college, work, politician, personal life and many. is a crowdsourcing consultancy community built for the purpose of solving a similar problem and showing user all good reason to share with our community anonymously or non-anonymously and get advice. work at personal level advice column, with options like anonymous chat with experts, audio-video calling and hiring experts too.

In, Each user can also judge and analyse other people's opinion shared on people's problem by looking at downvote, upvote, and comment made on their suggestion by other community members. You get a choice of advice and their rating by other community members on choice of advice. Even, what that doesn't help, One can connect with various experts on Chat, Audio-Video calling anonymously and get the opinion more personally.

Depression, stress, Mental illness section were the primary reason to build the site, but slowly, It has been built for every type of problem-solving community like "mentoring the entrepreneur", "CA helping other people when hired by people who are seeking help in their accounts issues" and more with different different category.

What it does

= It connects with expert community members to interact with them via QnA or chat or via call to help, solve problem and save the life. = Whenever any person has problem in their life, they can share their problem anonymously or non-anonymously. So, Before you give up, ask it once at problem.

How I built it

I have used graph database, golang, c++, bash, google material design web components and other library to built the app.

Challenges I ran into

The big challenge was connecting user to other user's based on their problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Helping user to share their problem confidently without being worried about their identity and get the help based on "chat", "audio-video" calling is awesome. Personal help is rare nowadays in many part of the world and with anonymity, it's cherry on top. Asking user to share problem online is tough as they don't feel comfortable sharing their personal issues, but convincing them, no one would know about them and giving them signal to share online for all good reason was big achievement. We are finally receiving traction and people are finding comfortable to share some of their deep problem and getting help all anonymously. Since, it's just a start, our aim is more bigger to break the stereotype of keeping the problem inside or limited and living with it.

What I learned

  • There was a lot to learn while building the product from technical issues to human psychology.
  • Understanding human psychology with behavior towards themselves.
  • People no matter, how strong or good they are doing, there is some broken corner in their life, which hunts them and demotivates them down. As It says, "guilty person runs when no one is chasing".
  • Such situation exists in almost every human being and continuing to live these way forever is hard.
  • It's just hard, I have seen people suffering these issues and with of anonymously sharing and receiving advice, chat and talk, I am taking it to solve this issue.

What's next for

We are constantly doing more research and understanding human behavior related to their problem and collecting data to build Personal Artificial Intelligence to help. It's like, When anyone has problem which is similar to problem in other people's life. Our AI will take them through with those examples and guide you on what and what not. Further, when they will share and receive other solution our AI will expand it's own horizon with new opinion and keep on improving further.

Its an AI Medicine to your Provlem(Problem)

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