People have lots of provlem in their life and most of the time, they find no one to help them out. With such stuck in situation, some times, they take wrong action like suicide or destroying them self in one or other way.

The purpose of is to bring the community together and help each other's provlem solution either for FREE or Paid.

It's a crowdsourcing consultancy community built for the purpose of solving provlem's of other people.

Depression, stress, Mental illness section were the primary reason to built the site, but slowly, It was built for every types of problem solving community.

What it does

= It connects with expert community members to interact with them via QnA or chat or via call to help, solve other people's provlem.

How I built it

I have used graph database, golang and very minor c++ programming language to built the app for high scalability and performance.

Challenges I ran into

The big challenge was connecting user to other user's based on their problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The product is coming out to be very unique and crowd sourcing is the best way to establish the connection among people and their provlem to come over it. Sometimes provlem faced by one person has solution by other person and this can literally become crazy driven community to support each other.

What I learned

There was a lot to learn during built of the product and one of them is exploring "graph database" to built highly scalable product.

What's next for

We have more plans to come up with some more feedback and research from the community members to further ease the product, so that it can be useful for every demographic and gender.

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