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Being students, We always found it difficult to find affordable rentals easily, we always had to search multiple sites multiple times. Sometimes even when the place was perfect the budget was not. Sharing within someone is something we believe all students are open to but, to be able to find people to share it with isn't an easy job, that's why we conceived Property Garden.

What it does

It comes with a powerful search engine to search multiple sites for listings in Montreal and areas around it. At the same time, Once you have found your perfect listing, it gives you the availability to find a roommate. The platform helps people connect at the click of a button. Thus, making renting easier than it was ever before.

How we built it

We built the app using the Flask framework for back-end, used multiple python libraries to fetch the data as we don't have any self-hosted database to store all the listings, so our search engine builds results in real time on the basis of the query. For managing the posts from our users, we designed our in-house database solution featuring an industry-standard encryption to secure our user data(bcrypt, salting). UI and UX remained our main priorities.

Challenges we ran into

Working with designing with Flask was a bit of a challenge and managing hosting on Heroku for our SQL database was another.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the efficiency of the search engine and its ability to perform targeted searches in real time while having pagination to be able to always load the maximum available results.

What we learned

We learned SQLAlchemy, Flask, jQuery, Scraping and Searching, database management and design.

What's next for Property Garden

We aim to go big with our development, adding more horsepower to our search engine and increasing functionality of the overall platform as well. We also look forward to implement data mining into our app to discover trends and patterns in the data.

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