Seeing constant media portrayal and scandals in the workplace regarding women missing out on opportunities to their male equals, it is no wonder that a large number of women today feel they are destined to be overlooked when considering promotion- hence we wanted to investiagte if these anxieties have any foundation in a modern workplace.

What it does

Our code explores every data point gathered by the dataset and highlights any trends that may help answer if the trends discussed in the project prompt are present in the multinational company being researched. Topics such as skewness of gender distribution depending on if the employee has received a promotion have been looked at.

How we built it

Using matplotlib, R, Python and tidyverse we cleaned and processed data- manipulating it into forms necessary to create visualisations to investigare potential relationships and visualising them beautifully to capture different trends

Challenges we ran into

Finding a reliable datasource that had the depth and width necessary for our broad trend search was decently a challenge on itself. By this same reason, we decided to expand our search to another dataset, to compare our results and gather more points of view of the argument.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments we're proud of would include the great variety in different styles of visualisation that each of our team members produced, as well as equal contribution from each team member with regards to visualisation as well as producing the powerpoint.

What we learned

The importance of investigating the source of the data being analysed. This ensures the quality and reliability of the conclusions drawn from the analysis of the dataset.

What's next for Promotions of men and women in the modern workplace

We could further investigate other silicon valley companies and their likeliness of promotion- and analyse why we believe such trends are still present today.

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